Skin Bio- peels & Bio-microneedling

skin whitening service at Asmara Clinic

Skin Bio-Peels & Bio-microneedling Types of bio- peels: 1.Algae peel 2.Spongilla peel 3.SQT spicules bio microneedling Description about the above treatments : What are these peels , Algae  are extracts of algae , spongillas & marine seaweeds. Spongilla are marine sponges extracts Spicules are tiny microscopic needles silica which penetrate the skin and causes rejuvenation […]

PRP Biotin hair loss injections

PRP biotin Scalp hair Loss treatment injections What is the PRP ? Patient blood is taken our and filled in a PRP tube which is centrifuged in a machine to obtain plasma which contains Growth factors ,platelets and some proteins. Plasma is mixed with biotin then prior to injecting into hair scalp area. This procedure […]

Wet cupping ( Hijjamma)

Book here : Wet cupping ( Hijjamma) Dry cupping ; Hijjamma wet Cupping —- The small amount of blood 50dl or few ml are removed while doing scratched skin with blade into the cups. The treatment is painless and patient feels relaxation and pain relief. The toxins are removed that way and circulation is increased […]

Laser teeth whitening Treatment

Laser teeth whitening Treatment is painless. Treatment include gel applications with lED laser light exposure for 20min and total duration is 30min . Pale colour of teeth changes to bright white. Every time one grade bright colour.                                     […]

Face & neck lift (non surgical wrinkles removal services )

NON SURGICAL FACE & NECK LIFT TREATMENT; BENEFIT: This firms and tighten the skin . Lift and removes the fine lines and wrinkles without any painful or invasive procedure. No injury,  no down time and no pain. RESULTS ; mostly same day or until next few days. Results lasts from 6 weeks to 3 months. […]

Skin booster biovitaliser injections (for wrinkles & fine lines& under eyes)

At Asmara Clinic Glasgow we offer skin booster biovitaliser injection. It enhance the Skin rejuvenation, Hydration , works for anti aging purpose and increases collagen in skin. What are skin boosters ? These are vitamins & protein peptides which regenrate the collagen in skin by natural way. These are alternative to dermal fillers and much […]

Laser for fungal nails

Fungal nail treatment is painless and done with diode fast Laser. That disintegrate the Fungus and damage it and recoves the natural beauty of nails. Laser is recommended after every 2- 3 weekly  and 3 to 6 sessions are required at least depending on the progress. There is no side effects . 5 nails price […]

EMS Sculpt liposuction: The Non-Surgical Way to Get the Body You Want

 Are you looking for a way to get rid of stubborn fat and build muscle without surgery? If so, EMS Sculpt Liposuction may be the perfect treatment for you. EMS Sculpt liposuction is a non-surgical body contouring treatment that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to target and destroy fat cells. It also stimulates muscle […]