Glutathione skin whitening mesotherapy/microneedling

Glutathione Skin whiteningmesotherapy/


Treatment includes Glutathione, hyaluronic acid and  vitamin c skin serums , brightening face mask application Skin treatment with microneedling.

The treatment addresses the following skin problems:

*Localised or sporadic pigmentation on skin area ,mainly face area but cam be any part of the body.

*Uneven skin tone

*dark eye circles & eye bags

* dark skin areas & dark skin to brighten the colour tone.

  • *For the dull Skin to glow up

* For acne scars ,freckles ,age spots or dark spots , liver spots on the skin to make it lighten.


Sessions and lasting results;

You may need more than one session once a month depending on your skin type and requirement.  If you want to brighten the skin tone you need more sessions. These can be 1 to 6.

The lasting results depend on how you look after your skin.

You don’t go to sun , use sunscreen creams regularly,  your body hormones doesn’t causes pigmentation and you don’t get tanning treatment.

If these above you follow the instructions you can enjoy the lasting time for very long.

However , nothing is permanent but with regular treatments you can enjoy the bright skin from 6 months to 2 years.


Treatment time is 1 hour

After care ;

Protect from sun , your skin may peel until a few days , use regular suncream and avoid suana , steam , extreme heat and cold until 24 hours. You can apply your make after 24 hours .You can moisturize your skin if you feel dry.

Prices :

Our price for skin whitening mesotherapy per session  is only £90 ( was £120).