PRP Biotin hair loss injections

PRP biotin Scalp hair Loss treatment injections

What is the PRP ?

Patient blood is taken our and filled in a PRP tube which is centrifuged in a machine to obtain plasma which contains Growth factors ,platelets and some proteins. Plasma is mixed with biotin then prior to injecting into hair scalp area.

This procedure increases the hair growth and thickness of hair ,restores its natural Shine of hair.

Price depending on small area of head or 1/2 head area or full multiple areas.

Price for 1/2 head or multiple areas equal is £250 




Price for PRP Biotin hair loss injections 3 treatments with extra £100 discount is £650 for larger area , that covers all head areas for multiple hair loss areas or almost half the head size is £650.



Hair loss injections for Smaller area less than half  head or equal area, price is £150 and 3 treatments  price after discount is £400.



PRP biotin hair loss injections :
This treatment is done by multiple tiny injections into scalp area and client’s own blood Plasma is mixed with biotin ( a natural vitamin ) to enhance the growth of the hair.
Which strengthen the hair , reduce the hair fall and increase the growth of hair.

Suitability : Suitable for clients having tendency to regrow and have hair roots with partial or massive hair loss.

Not suitable Patients for this treatment: 

Include bleeding problems,  blood or skin cancer , blood disorder , platelets abnormalities, Porphyria , patients taking steroids , chemotherapy , anticoagulants such as Warfarin,any Liver disease or infection ( Hepatitis).

Treatment pathway:

Hair growth is noticed a few days to 2weeks.
You may need another session after 4 -6 weeks depending on hair loss and surface area.
Side effects : redness and swelling which goes away in 1 -2 days.

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