Wet cupping ( Hijjamma)

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Wet cupping ( Hijjamma)


Dry cupping ;


Hijjamma wet Cupping —-

The small amount of blood 50dl or few ml are removed while doing scratched skin with blade into the cups.

The treatment is painless and patient feels relaxation and pain relief.

The toxins are removed that way and circulation is increased in the area.

It is suitable for fatigued and painful muscles.

It is also suitable for Relieve of certain diseases and metabolic health  problems , infertility , migraine , high blood pressure,  diabetes,  arthritis.

Hijjamma or Wet cupping :

Address & Solve certain health issues :

1. Infertility
2.Acute & chronic any Muscular pain,shoulder& neck ,back pain
3. Sciatica
4. arthritis & joints pain
5. headache & migrain
6.high blood pressure or metabolic problems
7. Skin & circulatory issues
8. Blood regulation , disorders & toxin problems
9. Breathing problems e.g asthma
10 . Gastro intestinal problems irritable bowel syndrome.
11. Stubborn fat & obesity

Most Frequently asked questions:

❤When Hijjamma should be done in Islam?

The best and most beneficial days to have Cupping performed, also commonly known as the ‘Sunnah Days’ are the 17th, 19th or 21st of the Lunar calendar.
Otherwise , you can get any day of the month.

🧡How many times Hijjamma should be done ?
Recommended 2 to 3 times in a year.
Usually , you should get 3 times consecutively once a month.

💚 What should I avoid after Hijjamma?
Avoid caffeine, alcohol , processed meat , hot showers ,steam , exercise until 24hours.
Drink plenty of water.
💙 Is the Treatment painful ?

Treatment is not painful or sore , you feel like scratch.
💜How many cups you use ?
12 to 24 can be used depending on condition.

🧡How much blood you remove ?
1 to 5 dl most commonly.

💚When can I go to work ?
There is no problem, you can go to work next day.
❤Is there any side effects?

The cups areas need recovery time , which health within 5 – 10 days or less.

💚Which part of body you do cupping.
Most common part is back and shoulders but it can be used on other parts of the body depending on body problems.

Prices :

Our charges £55 per session
Recommend your family or friends and get £10 off.

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Description about Dry cupping:

Dry cupping in which no blood is removed.

Only round cups bruises marks  appear on the skin due to suction pressure.

This method Relieves the pain and remove the knots due to pressure application.

After massage the next step is Dry cupping for pain and toxins removal and increasing circulation in the affected area.

Cupping can done at any part of the body.

All clients are suitable for that.