Skin Bio- peels & Bio-microneedling

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Skin Bio-Peels & Bio-microneedling

Types of bio- peels:

1.Algae peel

2.Spongilla peel

3.SQT spicules bio microneedling

Description about the above treatments :

What are these peels , Algae  are extracts of algae , spongillas & marine seaweeds. Spongilla are marine sponges extracts

Spicules are tiny microscopic needles silica which penetrate the skin and causes rejuvenation and microneedling effects ,remove upper layer and enhance the growth of basal cells in the layers .

All bio- peel work similarly. The treatment is selected according to the skin problems as advised by our expert.

Skin problems treatments with bio- peel & bio- microneedling:

Treatment address the normal skin to rejuvenate and also treat the skin problems such as


Active Acne follicles

Acne marks


Oily skin

Melasma /cholasma


Uneven skin tone

Collagen production


Enhance skin circulation & metabolism

What will happen after treatment?

Skin redness and skin peeling is possible.

What is included in treatment?

It includes the skin facial such as skin cleansing ,disinfection , applications of spongilla , Algae or spicules one of this active ingredients , face massage , SOS repair mask and repair serums .

Duration of treatment;

Treatment duration is variable depending on skin problem. 30min to 1 hour.

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More details about Spongilla & spicules;