Wet cupping ( Hijjamma)

Book here : Wet cupping ( Hijjamma) Dry cupping ; Hijjamma wet Cupping —- The small amount of blood 50dl or few ml are removed while doing scratched skin with blade into the cups. The treatment is painless and patient feels relaxation and pain relief. The toxins are removed that way and circulation is increased […]

Face & neck lift (non surgical wrinkles removal services )

NON SURGICAL FACE & NECK LIFT TREATMENT; BENEFIT: This firms and tighten the skin . Lift and removes the fine lines and wrinkles without any painful or invasive procedure. No injury,  no down time and no pain. RESULTS ; mostly same day or until next few days. Results lasts from 6 weeks to 3 months. […]


Hydrafacials ; Different of types of Hydrafacials depending on skin types and requirements. Deep cleansing ,anti- ageing effect , wrinkles removal , face lift and skin peels for acne and pigmentation removal effects are all added inside to get maximum clearing and glowing skin. E Book here : Hydrafacial details : Hydra facials are according […]