Laser teeth whitening Treatment

Laser teeth whitening Treatment is painless. Treatment include gel applications with lED laser light exposure for 20min and total duration is 30min . Pale colour of teeth changes to bright white. Every time one grade bright colour.                                     […]

Laser for fungal nails

Fungal nail treatment is painless and done with diode fast Laser. That disintegrate the Fungus and damage it and recoves the natural beauty of nails. Laser is recommended after every 2- 3 weekly  and 3 to 6 sessions are required at least depending on the progress. There is no side effects . 5 nails price […]

ICE laser hair removal (Permanent Result)

ICE 3D LASER HAIR REMOVAL ICE 3D laser triple wavelength diode laser hair removal, very fast – YouTube Permanent laser hair removal  ICE 3 D laser hair removal permanent is best for all parts of the body but result may be better than certain areas. The results are amazing and beyond imagination. It is possible […]

Picosure Laser Tattoo removal

PICOSURE LASER TATTOO REMOVAL : This laser removes both color and dark black pigments tattoos. Treatment after every 4 to 6 weeks is advised. You may need more than one session depending on size and color and age of tattoo. We use Picosure Laser which is not as painful as Ndyag or other lasers are. […]

IPL Laser Acne Face area/body area

Acne treatment with IPL Laser: That treatment is for Acne scars and for Acne treatment. This laser is for acne spots left on certain body areas such as chest , back , shoulders hips and these look skin dark with spots . IPL laser is painless and dissolves the spots very fast within few weeks […]