IPL Laser Acne Face area/body area

Acne treatment with IPL Laser:

That treatment is for Acne scars and for Acne treatment.

This laser is for acne spots left on certain body areas such as chest , back , shoulders hips and these look skin dark with spots .

IPL laser is painless and dissolves the spots very fast within few weeks skin surface is much clearer and flawless. Patient feels slight warm during the treatment. One session is advised after one week or 10 days. You may require 3 to 6 sessions. Result is noticeable after even one session. Price for full chest or back area £50 only.
Laser Facial sessions improves the skin with Acne and scars.
You might need more than one session.IPL laser fades the black acne spots after few treatments.

This facial is best for skin Rejuvenation and for skin whitening and texture colour and change the tone and increase the skin collagen level to firm the skin.IPL skin white laser treatment.

Laser shots for few min just to rejuvenate and enhance the skin. You can get as a separate treatment OR

This treatment is also part of Hydrafacial Ultimate.

It’s main work to rejuvenate the skin.

There are specific type of acne scars on the chest , back and other body parts.

Which are treated with this IPL laser. After few sessions these types of acne marks dissolve itself without any peel.


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