Skin whitening injections

Skin and body whitening treatment

body lightening treatment


Skin lightening injections 

Skin Brightening injections  

One injection of skin whitening contains Glutathione 600mg injection and vitamin C 5ml injection.

Minimum one month course includes 8 number of injections.

Patient gets injections at arm or buttocks for at least 2 times in a week and after taking few injections client starts noticing skin colour changes.

However, the results are variable according to skin tone from darker to lighter and number of injections or course of treatment also depends on client’s own colour tone.

Skin injections have no side effects because these are in fact used to treat the skin and body problems and related diseases .

Vitamin C and Glutathione are natural anti oxidants which are part of natural fruits and vegetables.

Skin injection Courses are available according to requirements.

Skin whitening injections are better for general wellness and health. It improves the skin and body health. Some clients experience a bit soreness and tenderness on injection site. Otherwise ,there is no other side effect.

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Skin whitening injections are also better for dark eye circles , dark joints areas of the body , dark patches and pigmentation on skin. After few injections client notices the difference on dark areas also.

You can add multivitamin injections with Skin whitening injections as booster injections which increase the wound healing especially with skin soft laser treatment. It improves the skin problems and blood deficiency which is common in Asian women.

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If you take one month course it will make the difference but 3 months course is better for too dark skin to improve at very bright level.

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