Skin booster injections


These injections can be used any part of the face , neck, hands , shoulders , chest , thighs & other body parts to correct the skin problem such as lines , wrinkles, sagginess, eye bags, dark circles , lines around mouth area , sagging of Jaws and nasolabials. Correcting the sagginess and stretch marks of abdomen, buttocks , thighs and chest area.These injections are mostly painless.

What ingredients these injections have ?
These include vitamins , anti oxidants, peptide proteins , hyaluronic acid and bio vitalise proteins to restore the elasticity and collagen of skin.

Prices :
Deal price full face & neck ( vitamin skin Boosters) —-£150 only

Prices from £90 ( 1.5ml )
depending on the area ( eyes area )

Full face & neck —-£180 ( 3.5ml )

Treatment main Goal ;
To achieve elasticity, tightening and wrinkles & lines removal , firmness.

Side effects :
Mild bruises on needle site and swelling which settles down within 24hours.

Last longer than 6months to 1 year .

Sessions course :
In order to gain your desired result you can get 3- 4 Sessions in a year depending on age of client. However,Tightening is felt at the same time after first session.

Indications after treatment:
Avoid sun bath ,exposure to temperature, sauna steam , extreme sweating exercise for first 24hours.
Make up can be used next day.
Massage the area after the treatment.

Brands used :
EMI eyes , Vitamin lemon bottle , Neofound ,  Jalupro,  Sunekos, profhilo ,RRS – HA etc.

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