ICE Triple wavelength 3D Diode Laser hair removal

3D Triple wavelength Laser is very strong . Most importantly , it destroys the hair permanently and quickly than any other laser ( such as IPL or single wavelength Laser) .

The results are amazing and beyond imagination. Because , You require only 3 to 4 sessions to become hairless when you don’t have to shave again and hair stops growing.

However, you need to complete 6 sessions to get rid of hair growth Permanently.

In prerequisites, you should shave at least 1-2 days before laser treatment. NO threading or waxing , only trimming and shaving which client does herself .

In addition , Laser is completely painless with hot & cold feeling.

Undoubtedly ,All clients have seen and experienced no hair growth after the course of 6 sessions .

As a result , 6 sessions course is enough for permanent hair loss .

But as a follow up course, you may need 2-3 top up session in one year or one after 6 months to make sure hair don’t grow back and permanently over.

Moreover , This laser is suitable for all skin types and for all colours of hair except white hair.

3 D laser shot 3 wavelengths at 3000watt power that’s why all our clients find this laser perfect for hair loss.

Our all clients are happy and There is definitely

100% guaranteed results

, surety

and Satisfaction

Laser hair removal

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Laser hair treatment

Permanent Laser hair removal

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