Laser Hair removal

Laser hair removal

Diode/best /cheap/affordable Laser Hair Removal: where to buy ?how to buy?

All about our diode laser hair removal:

This laser is most effective for darker skin and hair but equally works well for all skin types. This laser has fast repetition rate and covers large areas of the body.

Which Fitzpatrick skin type is the diode laser suitable for ?

Skin type:

The diode laser is mainly for skin type 1-3. But it can be used for all other types of the skin also.

what are the advantages of Diode laser hair removal?

The Diode laser features a longer wavelength and safer and deeply penetrate into the skin layer. Thus its able to provide better results.

large areas of the body tend to recover faster.

Diode laser hair removal find us on bingo search and google search.

What should I do before visiting for laser treatment?

Shave and clean your area at least 24 to 48 hours before. Don’t wax or thread the areas because we need the hair follicle intact.

Is the laser painful?

It is not painful ,it is new type of ICE laser with internal cooling system.

How laser works?

Laser produces high beams which hit the pigments located in hair follicles in order to damage it.

How long can be the duration?

Each session can be few minutes to an hour or more ,it depends on the area. For the areas and duration search here.

How many sessions I need ?

We recommend 8 sessions on average hair growth level for permanent reduction but in fast growth areas this might take 12 sessions.

I have hormonal hair growth, will that work for that?

We will not recommend laser hair removal due to that cause ,you should get that treatment done first either it is hormonal or due to any other reason.

I have white or very light hair ,will that laser work on that ?

We will say no, because laser needs pigments in hair follicles to destroy its growth.

Are there any side effects of laser?

The hyper or hypo pigmentation can be possible but that’s very rare. We have not seen any side effects. So ,there are no definite side effects.

What are your prices and costs for laser hair removal?

Our prices are between £15 to £90 per session and it depends on the areas. Usually we provide discounts on Multibuy sessions deals and our clients get happy price discounts.

About payments and bookings:

Our clients also pay us in instalments. We are very flexible with our clients. For bookings use that link for Laser hair removal google search. You can also book on our website ; and pay at our Clinic on the day of appointment. Moreover, We also provide free consultation before treatment which you can also book on our website. Here is the link for Free consultation and select your booking slot.

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