Femilift (Laser vulval,vaginal & urethral tightening)Urine leakage treatment


This treatment fix the following areas;

Urethral area in women

vulval area

vaginal area

Details About LASER treatment

Femilift treatment is painless .

its main benefit is tightening but it also fix the other problems such as vaginal dryness, excessive lubrication , personal hygiene, urinary incontinence , pain  during activities and discomfort, itching and burning problems.

Femilift Laser treatment

Most Frequently asked questions:

What treatment areas are involved ?

Treatment areas are Vulval,  labial area including urinary outer area.

Vaginal area inner women health area.

How many sessions I need ?

usually for minor cases one session is enough if you have major problem of urine leakage and want better tightening , you can add more sessions.

Most popular are 3 sessions.

What is the gap between sessions ?

you can repeat treatment after 4 to 6weeks after first session but not before that.

Is the Treatment painful ?

This treatment can be discomfortable but not painful because treatment is non surgical.

Am I suitable for that treatment?

please read the precautions leaflet if you have none of these in leaflet then you are suitable.

Can I do intercourse after the treatment?

You need to give 3 to 5 days wait and after that you can do that.

What can I experience after treatment?

You can have a slightly  watery yellowish, brown  fluid discharge until a few days which is normal.

When I experience tightening of my urinary sphincter and better control on holding my urine ?

After a few days (3 to 6 days ) later you will feel better control on holding your urine.

How do I feel vaginal tightening?

Usually,  you don’t feel vaginal tightening until you experience intercourse. Your partner can better tell you about tightening.


It controls the leakage of the urine.

It improves the hygiene .

Tight the vaginal and vulval areas of women

It treats urinary incontinence due to stress, pressure, consecutive deliveries , coughing , wight lifting , muscular weakness , ageing and other health reasons.

It improves the extra discharge , burning, itching , sensation loss, loss of feeling at the area and dryness.


Treatment is semi- invasive and painless.

You may feel discomfort due to position otherwise there are no side effects.

Many patients have taken this treatment and there are no side effects reported so far.