Skin moles/tags/lipomas/warts,black spots ( papillosa nigra) , white spots ( milia )removal

Skin tags , moles warts removal treatment

The procedure of skin tags or moles removal is painless with numbing injection and then it is lasered.

The wound is dark and it heals within 6 to 12 weeks. Scab falls and pink area covers with normal skin and skin becomes clear . That’s how healing process occurs without causing any scarring.

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Skin tags , moles , warts , milia , spots , lipomas removal treatment starts prices from £150 depending on area depth , numbers and sizes.

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skin tag removal

moles removal

lipoma removal

black or white spots removal

pigmentation removal

warts removal

all are available

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Some clients add soft laser treatment with skin problem skin tags or moles if they are having pigmentation to get all skin clearer and better.

Skin tags and moles have different prices because of their sizes.

The small area heals quickly within a week in normal healthy person . For fast healing some clients get multivitamin or vitamin C injection to improve their healing , immunity and health.

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Prices depends on size , depth , area and colour.

100% results and complete healing without scarring.

Let us help you to look after your skin.

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All skin problems are treated with fine aesthetic Laser ,the area is numbed with medical grade numbing cream or injection. Wound heals within 4 to 6 weeks without leaving any marks or scars. We also give free after care kit to look after the wound.

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