Skin whitening one injection 600mg/5ml

Skin whitening one injection 600mg/5ml















Skin whitening injection contains Glutathione 600mg and vitamin C 5ml.

Which is an anti oxidant and naturally found in fruits and vegetables.

It has no side effects.

Infact ,it’s addition to daily food prevents the different heart disease and health problems.

Glutathione makes colour lighter this was discovered first time during the treatment of cancer patients who were given multivitamin and Glutathione in injectable forms and it was found that this also has lightened the skin colour. This is a natural ingredient which is essential for our health and prevent from many diseases.

So, this has multiple benefits.

Not a single study shows any side effects.

These injections are used make the darker skin lighter.

Full course is recommended for skin whitening. The injection is given intramuscular and 3 months course with 2-3 injections per week are recommended.

Almost 20 or more injections are recommended during full course.

During the course skin whitening is noticed.



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