Skin tags,moles,warts removal

Skin tags,moles,warts removal











































Moles / skin tags /warts /lipoma removal with Laser and cautry After giving the numbing injection.

So prices starts from £150——

It is usually one off treatment and all charges are already included in that.

Prices are according to sizes and numbers , ask the price quote by free online consultation.



Free after care cream and kit is provided with all instructions at the end of the treatment and healing process or recovery time  become complete within 8 to 12 weeks without any scarring and without leaving any marks.



Skin tags and warts all are removed through cautrisation procedure thro ugh machine.This is skillful treatment and the wound heals without any sacrring. After care is the same as mentioned here. We also have shown our model work. Note; the price shown here is the minimum price per skin tag or mole ,you might have to pay more  at clinic for  more number of skintags or moles removal.

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