PostPartum and Post Natal Massage

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PostPartum and Post Natal Massage

What is a Postnatal Massage?

A postnatal massage is basically a full body massage after delivery. Typically, a traditional or professionally trained masseuse massages your entire body starting from the feet, and ending with a relaxing massage for the head. Even traditional Ayurvedic wisdom recommends a 40-day confinement period for the mother after delivery where wholesome care is provided to the mother and child. Traditional baths with indigenous herbs and natural remedies preceded by elaborate massages are an important part of this routine.

Massages are known to supplement blood flow and aid the release of endorphins that induce a feeling of relaxation. Postpartum massages are even specialised to cater to those specific muscles of your body that are strained after delivery.

10 Benefits of Massage After Delivery

There are several benefits of body massages after delivery:

1. Helps with the recovery of the uterus – Uterine contractions help in the natural cleansing process eliminating blood and other discharge post-delivery. Stomach massage after delivery can aid the uterus in its natural cleansing processes and also aid in restoring its pre-natal size and form.

2. Reduction of swelling – Reduced circulation caused by increased pressure on the major blood vessels by the heavy uterus and hormonal imbalances may lead to water retention and the swelling of joints. Working on the soft tissues of the body improves circulation and the elimination of excess fluid and toxins.

3. Improved breastfeeding – Postnatal massages involve special techniques to stimulate the breast tissue. It, in fact, triggers the production of oxytocin which causes the ‘letdown’ reflex which could make you release breast milk even during the course of the massage

4. Avoid any blocks or lumps – Massages help improve the flow of milk, loosen out lumps and even help prevent mastitis. Mastitis is the bacterial infection caused by a blocked milk duct in the breast where milk starts to stagnate.

5. Improve stability, posture, and co-ordination – During pregnancy the core muscles of a woman stretch and become weak. Alteration in body mass causes the posture to change and hormonal changes make the connective tissues become very relaxed. A postnatal massage can reverse this change and help you get your strength back.

6. Unwind and de-stress – Pregnancy can be stressful and for months your body goes through a lot of changes. A postnatal massage is just the rejuvenation your body needs to beat that stress.

7. Deal with those postpartum blues – Postpartum depression may be a serious condition that affects only 10-15% mothers. But it is natural for any woman to experience anxiety, stress and other heightened emotions after delivery. Listen to your body and give it the attention it needs.

8. Faster recuperation– Postpartum massages can strengthen muscles and help speed up the recovery of your body. It assists you in a holistic journey to your previous self while giving full attention to your child.

9. Glowing skin– Massages improve blood flow and help soothe stretched tissue. This gives you that beautiful post-pregnancy glow and even reduces stretch marks that you may want to lose.

10. Get that body back– Post pregnancy massages can actually help tuck your tummy back in by working on the muscles in that area and improving blood flow. It strengthens strained muscles and helps your body regain vitality.

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