Non-invasive Breast / Buttocks lift

  • NON SURGICAL Breast or Buttocks lift treatment


Butt lift with Vacuum suction technology.

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Vacuum butt lift treatment

You can take treatment after every 2- 3 days or once a week.

Results are straightaway.

you may need more than one session for best results.

technology involves to lift and firm the butt area and also the  skin to a level where it manufactures the collagen inside the treatment area by natural way in order to enhance the shape.

Treatment is completely painless however you may feel discomfort because of the high pressure.

Technology also includes vibration and LED.

We have 2 types of non invasive breast lift treatments :

One is standard : include vacuum lift , vibration and Led machine lift.

Ultra treatment include extra 10 min with Radiofrequency RF and Cavitation to contour the abs and also include vacuum RF lift one more different machine.

For buttock area ultra treatment:

lift treatment includes the Vacuum suction, vibration,  LED therapy for lifting  firming  and  extra treatment of Cavitation RF is added to remove the cellulites from the thighs area and contour the smoother and firmer shape of the thighs.

Results firming and lifting lasting time depending on age and skin.

Usually in  young it last longer than usual up to 6 months upto  1 year  if complete the full course of 6 sessions.

Procedure is painless and comfortable.

It’s like massage and pressure feeling.

No side effects,  skin may become red which goes away after few hours.

Treatment duration is 45 min on machine .

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