Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

What is involved in an Indian head massage?:

An ancient therapeutic treatment that has been existence for thousands of years, Indian Head Massage (also known as “Champiassage”) is a part of everyday family life in India, with the tradition of massaging other family members being passed down through the generations.  Brought into Western civilisation in around the 1970s, it predominantly focuses on the areas of the body where stress hits the hardest, including the neck, face, scalp, upper arms and shoulders. This massage has become increasingly popular for spa treatments throughout the UK and is characterised by a utilising an assortment of techniques and pressure, from deep tissue massage of the shoulders, to a soothing circular massage of the head.

Typically lasting between 30 minutes, the treatment emphasises the connection between the body, mind and spirit – using a variety of fragrant oils to enhance the experience and leave you feeling levels of relaxation like no other.

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