Hydrafacials ;

Different of types of Hydrafacials depending on skin types and requirements. Deep cleansing ,anti- ageing effect , wrinkles removal , face lift and skin peels for acne and pigmentation removal effects are all added inside to get maximum clearing and glowing skin. E

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Hydrafacial details :

Hydra facials are according to skin type and skin problems and for Glow , firmness , deep cleansing and face lift.Hydra facials are categorized into  packages  according to  skin types,  age  , and  better results.  If  you  are unable  to decide which  suits  you  the  best  ask us  on whatsApp  for free  consultation.Bookhere


  • Hydra Facials:We have 5 different types of Hydrafacials:
    Depending on skin type and requirement.This involves following treatments:
    Aqua Microdermabration ,Aqua jet peel, oxygen therapy, deep pores extraction & cleansing , chemical peel and optional dermaplan, fractional microneedling, oxygen , bio , collagen therapy , PDT LED ,ultrasound, deep Cleanser, Q- switch Carbon laser peel , Laser rejuvenation , 4 to 5 different types of masks , 4 different types of radiofrequency, vacuum radiofrequency,bipolar radiofrequency, advanced radiofrequency & multi polar radiofrequency.Types –Prices– durationSignature —£85 — (45 – 60 min duration)
    Dermabuilder — £105 ( 60min – 80min duration
    Ultimate —£170 ( was £250 ,already discounted ) ( 45min to 60min duration)
    Deluxe —£140 ( was £200) ( 2 hours duration )
    Super Deluxe–£180 ( was £250)( 3 hours dueation)Hydrafacials address;

Client can select any of the Hydrafacials which suits best from young to mature skin. To address also these skin problems such as

Acne and pigmented skin

Ageing and wrinkles skin

Dry and oily skin

Pores clogged and Uneventone skin

Hydrafacials deep clean and Address multiple skin problems.

Recovery time after Hydrafacial is until one week.

Skin glowing  result is noticed after recovery time and skin peel is possible.

One session once a month or after 6 weeks is recommended for treatment or for look after.



Skin peel


Skin Glow

Open pores extraction for clogged pores

Deep cleansing

Eventone skin

Brightening effect

Pigmentation and minor blemishes removal

Skin face lift

Wrinkles removal ( non surgical lift )

Firmness and tightening skin

Eye circles improvement

Black and white heads removal

Fine lines removal

Nasolabials and jaw area tightening.

Include neck area also for lift particularly in Super Deluxe.

Skin health and wellness improvement