Skin whitening injections( 4 months course )full course

Skin whitening injections( 4 months course )full course

Skin lightening full course is recommended up to 12  weeks.

Injections are taken every week 2-3 times.

Total calculated 30-40 Injections.

However , you can stop treatment once you achieved your desired skin lightening .

The course prices are discounted and recommended for best results.

You can ask any questions on Free WhatsApp consultation .

3 to 4 months course is recommended for really dark skin.

First 3 months injections are regular basis and the 4th month is for maintenance doses , one injection every 2 or 3 weeks or once a month.

However , clients can buy package to save more with  discounts.

4 Months package include 32 combined injections in total.

( 64 injections vials in total , 2 injections used at one time mixed together per dose )



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