Organic Skin Facials (5 different types )

Organic skin Facials ;

This is a type of organic skin facial which is specifically for Acne, pigmentation ,pimples, dark circles ,and uneven skin tone. Skin generally improves after 4 to 5 sessions. Visible difference and improvement is seen. It includes cleansing , exfoliation , steaming, black and white heads removal , masking and moisturising .( manual skin facials)

Types of skin facials;

1.Acne skin facial ( with Aloe Vera & citrus )

2. Chines polishing skin facial ( with ginseng & polishing)

3- Rose  hydrating skin facial ( with rose & vitamin E)

4.Tea tree 🌳 Skin facial ( with tea tree pure extracts )

5. Charcoal skin facial ( with Charcoal scrub and mask)

Prices :

All skin facials are £45.

Benefits ;

It is suitable for teenage skin or clients who are looking for manual skin facial.

All are best for sensitive skin and minor acne skin problems.

Or clients looking for skin facials without any chemicals used on skin.

It removes black and white heads.

Makes skin clean and neat.

Relaxing and massage like skin facial.