What is the refund policy?

Refund policy : We don’t offer refund unless it is necessary condition. In that case ,25% Admin fee will be applied on  refund amount.

25% amount will be deducted because any applied discounts will be removed , this condition is same applied on exchange of services too.

Any appointments cancellations charges , refund form preparation, Admin time consumed on admin documents and process of payment procedure and arrangements.

Refund will only be processed if the time period is less than 6 months from the payment paid by customer.

The claims of refund after that time period will be offered for exchange of services only.

Note : The refund can be paid by the method it was received such as Bank transfer , cash or card links.

These above terms & conditions are strictly applied and customer must agree for the payments and procedures.

We also keep the proof of signed agreement and received refund payments and documentation.