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Eyeliner :

Eyeliner with brush

Special features of eyeliner:

Colour: Black

Form: Cake type

Consistency: dry

Accessories; comes with one Brush

Brand: Kryolan

Formulation: sticky

Effect: Matt

Gender: Females


Weight: 8ml / Net weight 25 oz

Packaging : fully sealed

Where to buy?: visit here

How to apply or use this item :

Add one drop of water in the eyeliner and mix with the help of brush and make a quick paste. And then apply on the eyes and make as many styles and designs as you want as illustrated in the photo.

How to remove this ?

Just use a damp sponge or cotton wool or wash with soap. Then it will come off and clear the area.

Why I buy this ?


This eyeliner is used by the professionals to make the series of different designs in beauty industry of glam . There is always innovations in beauty to enhance the new looks. It has unique base and its in dry form that is a reason you can use this for much longer years. Moreover ,it has a brush which gives you the fully controlled and defined look without any mess. You can also wear it as long as you want and it sets well ,doesn’t come off quickly ,it doesn’t cause any irritation because its naturally water based. Find more on asmaraclinic.co.uk. This item is not for eyes only ,you can mark the lines of eye shadows and define the eyebrows lines for heavy look. You can also make simple to more heavy look with this. So, there are multiple benefits with one thing.

What is a difference between your eyeliner and any other?

An ordinary one becomes dry or just becomes over within a year if used consistently. But our item is not finished even in 5 years or more by a single person.Is it easy for you? that you buy many eyeliners in a year or just use one until 5 to 10 years. In other words our eye liner is more economical and unique than any other.

Is your eyeliner a best gift or for travel or pocket use ?

Yes absolutely ,why not and this is the best gift to impress.

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