Deep tissue massage

How does deep tissue massage ease pain?

Deep tissue massage seems to ease pain in several different ways. In short, it can increase blood flow to sore, stiff joints and muscles, which are warmed by the extra circulation.

Mechanism of pain relief:

A report says that deep tissue massage also triggers the release of natural painkillers called opioids in the brain. Massage speeds up the flow of oxytocin, a hormone that relaxes muscles and encourages feelings of calmness and contentment. As oxytocin happens to be the same hormone that flows through women before labour. It relaxes the uterus. It also helps cement the bond between mother and infant( “love hormone). ” Massage may also change the way the brain senses pain. The short, sharp sensations of a good massage can temporarily make the brain forget about other aches.

How effective is deep tissue massage for pain relief?

There’s no doubt that a good rub-down can ease pain and tightness in stressed, overworked muscles. It is evident that it can also help relieve long-lasting pain, especially the lower-back variety. Massage patients were also four times less likely have pain than other patients. The massage might be an effective alternative to relieve all types of pain.

A test and its results:

In a true test , deep massage has shown to ease the long term pain by cancer patients. A study of more than 1,200 patients at Cancer Center published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom. Management found that massage reduces symptoms such as anxiety, nausea, and pain by about 50 percent.

Is deep tissue massage safe?

Massage is very safe, especially when performed by an experienced professional. It’s not entirely risk-free, however. A study published in the journal found 16 separate cases where massage caused serious injuries. The study concluded that such complications are most likely caused by the use of more forceful techniques such as shiatsu.

Pressure Massage and high risk patients:

According to Alternative Medicine, massage can be hazardous for anyone with blood, skin and bones diseases. Cancer patients should consult with their oncologists about the safety of massage therapy. As there may be a greater risks such as internal haemorrhage or the dislodging of blood clots.

Massage in pregnancy:(prenatal massage)

Massage is useful for relieving the aches and stiffness. Some experts say that women should start massage from mid of pregnancy time. But its best for whole time of pregnancy for getting regular sessions for relaxation. It ease the delivery ,stress and pain.

Areas of avoiding massage:

Finally, Sports Medicine warns against massaging joints that are extremely painful. The university offers this advice: If massage causes pain, stop.

If you feel pain during a therapy session, tell your massage therapist immediately. You’re the expert on whether the treatment is helping or worsening your pain. find out more on Google Search.


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